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500,000-300,000 tons bar and wire production line, advanced series rolling equipment

  • 500,000-300,000 tons

The production line of rod and wire rod is 5-300 000 tons, the total continuous rolling line is 8-32 mm, of bar as general carbon steel, high quality carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, the design annual production capacity is 5-300 000 tons, the maximum line speed of finishing mill is 5-16 m/s.
1. billets
The whole continuous rolling production line is 100×100-150×150 continuous casting billet ,3000 mm--6000mm, long by the company's internal steelmaking continuous casting workshop.
A new regenerative steel pushing furnace is built 2. the whole continuous rolling production line. The fuel is natural gas or blast furnace gas. Hourly heating capacity is 40-80 t/h, end in and out, single row cloth, meet the annual production of 5-300,000 tons of rolling requirements. Heating furnace bore size 6.6 X24m.
The 3. adopts 16 rolling mills, which are divided into three units: rough rolling, middle rolling and finishing rolling, forming a full continuous rolling production line, with a layout of 6+6+4 horizontal alternating, and the main drive of the rolling mill is controlled by full digital PLC. There is a looper in the middle of the middle rolling and finishing rolling, and there is a vertical looper between each rolling mill of the finishing mill. 5-16 m/s. maximum mill speed
4. rolling line is equipped with 3 flying shears, which are located behind the 3 units, which are used as cutting head, accident breaking and finished product double ruler segment respectively. The shear structure is crank type, rotary type and crank rotary type respectively.
5. rolling process: disc 6.5 mm, rebar 8-32 mm. The annual production of 5-300000 tons of wood needs 330000 tons of continuous casting billet, the comprehensive yield of 98%(considering negative deviation).
6., a controlled rolling water cooling device is set up in front of the finishing mill, and a controlled cold water piercing device is set up after the finishing mill to produce high strength steel bar (grade three steel) and improve the mechanical properties of the product.
7. finishing collection area using semi-automatic packaging equipment and 50 tons of cold shear.
8. control system adopts computer secondary control, which is divided into four areas (heating furnace area, rolling area, cooling control area and finishing area), and each control point is decentralized and centralized control.


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