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500,000-300,000 tons wire rod production line, advanced series rolling equipment

  • 500,000-300,000 tons


Raw material :150×150×6000 mm continuous casting billet.

Finished product specification :φ5.5-φ20mm round steel and ribbed steel bar. High quality carbon steel, low alloy steel, bearing steel, welding rod steel, etc.

Rolling speed: the maximum length is 90 m/ seconds.

Annual output :5-300,000 tons per year.

Full continuous non-torsional rolling is used in the whole line, and high precision cantilever compact rolling mill is used in the finishing mill. The rolling speed is fast (up to 95 m/s), the output is high, the product precision and mechanical properties are high. Large investment in equipment, process operation, equipment maintenance personnel quality requirements. Suitable for large market, high-end users, organize mass production.

Raw materials generally use 150×150×12000 or larger continuous casting billet.

Major equipment configuration:

Rough rolling, medium rolling:

short stress line mill. The short stress line mill without archway is adopted. The mill has light weight, large stiffness and high precision. Is the current mainstream model of the lightest weight model. Fixed rolling line rolling can be realized.

It can be conveniently arranged into flat and vertical alternations to achieve non-torsional rolling;

The roller change adopts the frame integral replacement, fast and efficient, saves the roll change time. But need to be ready on-line spare rack;

Rolling rod and bearing seat are made of alloy steel with excellent mechanical properties, which can withstand high rolling force;

Roller seam adjustment adopts hydraulic motor rapid adjustment + manual accurate adjustment form, efficient and accurate;

The rolling mill can move horizontally / vertically to achieve fixed rolling line rolling;

Closed two-roll mill. The closed mill archway with relatively light is adopted, the mill stiffness is high, the bearing seat structure is simple, the operation is simple, and the fixed rolling line rolling can be realized.

The mill archway is made of hot rolled steel plate with high strength and high rigidity. It is lighter than the casting closed frame with the same rigidity. The frame can also be arranged alternately without torsion;

Roll assembly design can be quickly moved out of the form, the use of hydraulic roller car to achieve rapid roll change;

Roller seam adjustment adopts hydraulic motor rapid adjustment + manual accurate adjustment form, efficient and accurate;

The rolling mill can move horizontally / vertically to achieve fixed rolling line rolling;

Prefinishing mill: cantilever compact unit.

The roller shaft is cantilever type, the mill size is small, the structure is compact. Roll for roll ring form, convenient and rapid replacement;

Roller shaft support using oil film bearing, compact structure, large bearing capacity;

High speed and heavy load gear drive;

The rolling mill is arranged alternately without torsion;

The looper is arranged between each frame to realize tension-free rolling;

Finish rolling unit :10 frame cantilever type torsion free high speed heavy load unit.

Top 45° alternate arrangement of 10 frames without torsion continuous rolling, stand between micro-tension rolling;

Cantilever rolling roller shaft, oil film bearing support, small volume of rolling mill, small moment of inertia of rotary parts, high rolling speed and large rolling force. High speed rolling;

High precision high speed heavy load gear transmission, high transmission accuracy, strong bearing capacity, high speed. The rolling speed can reach up to 95 m/s;℃750 warm rolling

Roll for tungsten carbide roller ring, wear resistance, long service life, rapid roll change;

Clamping rollers:

Welding box;

High precision high speed heavy load gear drive;

Working roll is tungsten carbide roller ring, wear-resistant, long service life, quick replacement, and finishing mill general purpose;

Wire machines:

Welding box;

Hollow shaft + high precision bevel gear drive;

Direct section + bending section wire pipe contact red steel, long service life, easy to replace;

Shears: start / stop flying scissors. There are two kinds of crank four connecting rod flying shear and rotary flying shear. The former is used to cut the middle billet of larger section, and then to cut the finished product. Shear rolling parts head and tail and broken.

High-precision, heavy-duty gear transmission, hard gear without clearance;

Welding box;

DC motor drag;

Long life cutting edge;

Through water cooling system: on-line heat treatment equipment, can realize the control of rolling and cooling, improve the grain size and mechanical strength of rolling parts.

Composition: water section, recovery section, fast moving trolley, control valve, booster pump, water supply system, automatic control system;

The water-piercing nozzle adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material with long service life;

Fast moving car to achieve rapid slot change;

Air cooling transport line: according to the different types of rolling parts, air cooling transport line can be designed into standard type, strong cold type, slow cooling type and so on.

Group drive roller table group, variable frequency motor speed regulation;

Slow cooling insulation cover;

Strong cold air unit. With wind direction and air volume regulating valve;

It can realize the functions of forced rapid cooling, standard cooling, heat preservation and so on;

P/F transport: drive / swim transport. Air cooling is carried out on the unbundled coil on the C hook, so that the subsequent process can be bundled, weighed and unwrapped.

Flexible layout, small area;

Low cost and reliable chain drive system;

Flexible "drive/swimming" converter, so that the entire transport line has a strong buffer capacity;

Transmission and automation: rolling mill main drive recommended DC drive or AC frequency conversion rotation. Full automatic control can be realized by whole line rolling. Cooling and finishing except sign need manual operation, all other automatic control.



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