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Wuxi Bolong machinery Co can refer to nearly three decades of experience in the engineering, supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of continuous casting machines. The company is therefore in an ideal position to advise and implement the optimum casting solutions for customers, both for new and existing plants. More than 300 Strands Continous Casters provided by Bolong Machinery is running in global-wide.

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Technical Features

  • Rigid/ Flexible dummy bar type for user option
  • Advanced, mature, reliable and optimized technique quality assurance measures
  • Accuracy positioning of key equipments, free-adjustment design
  • Perfect water inner cooling structure design of high temperature area
  • High and low leg/whole hanging and two cylinders synchronously lifting tundish car 
  • High precision cooper(stainless steel) water jacket mould 
  • Various structure of four bars/half-leaf spring/whole leaf spring/sinusoid/non-sin oscillating device 
  • Various structure of full water cooling continuous withdrawal and straightening machine 
  • Full water cooling auxiliary withdrawal and straightening machine
  • Rigid dummy bar friction drive or pneumatic tilting storage 
  • Free-adjustment coordinates-positioning type water-cooling guiding section
  • Dynamic-adjustment automatic secondary cooling water distribution system
  • Various torch cutting models for selection
  • Free-adjustment water-cooling roller table
  • Variety of hot charge system scheme

Core Technology

  • Two cylinders synchronously lifting tundish car 
  • Precise alignment continuous taper high-efficiency mould 
  • High precision mould oscillation device with self-positioning detecting unit 
  • Precise positioning, free-adjustment guiding device of secondary cooling
  • Fully water cooling continuous withdrawal and straightening machine 
  • Fully water cooling auxiliary withdrawal and straightening machine
  • Pneumatic-drive tilting type dummy bar storage device 
  • Worldwide advanced various structure torch cutting machine (water cooling )

CCM Main Process Technology

Item   Remark
  Ladle Turret   Lifting/weighing/ladle covering
  Large capacity Tundish   Weighing/continuous temperature measurement/flow field design
  Closed casting   Argon protection/with inner shroud protection
  Automatic Mould Level Control   Stopper rod control/switchable casting speed
  M-EMS   Internal/external type
  Various type of Oscillation Device for selection   Sinusoidal/non-sinusoidal
  Automatic secondary cooling water distribution control   Common water, high pressure water or air-water atomization compounding cooling and more cooling methods for selection
  Continuous straightening   whole frame, various frame
  Hot transporting   十 type turntable & hot transporting roller table, single piece/various pieces different solution


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