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Legendary Star Housingless Stand(SHS)

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Benefit To User by Using SHS Stand:

High quality products. Due to its high axial and radial stiffness, it can ensure that the products meet the most stringent dimensional tolerance requirements;

LTR low temperature rolling process can be realized to carry out on-line heat treatment of special steel;

The equipment has good reliability, and the parts adopt standardized design to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and production operation;

Adopt fast program replacement to improve equipment operation efficiency.

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SHS Designing Features:

*The diameter of the pull bar is large, close to the roll bearing, and the tensile deformation is small, forming a small stress loop. There is no axial load on the pull rod of the rolling mill;

*Because the floating ball joint is used in the bearing seat, the bearing seat can remain free and adapt to roll deformation (the service life of the bearing can be extended by 30% and does not bear edge load);

*The roller bearing housing is equipped with a maintenance free / clearance free mechanical balancing system;

*Symmetrical / separate roll gap adjustment is achieved by hydraulic motor. The rolling mill has on load roll gap adjustment function, and is equipped with AGC roll gap automatic control system.

*The "square" beam can ensure the best stability of the guide device and rolled piece, especially during slitting rolling; And it can significantly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and spare parts.

*It is equipped with a "load and roll" quick program replacement 

* system based on "online" or "offline" rack replacement, and the spare racks are pre assembled between the rolls.

Complete the "fast automatic" manipulator type frame of the frame in the roll room

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