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Billet Hot Charging System


billet hot charging

1. Performance features:
    1) The hot charging system is designed based on existing plant layout to satisfy different requirements.
    2) The hot charging system can be ground or overhead type, even tunnel type for short distance transportation.
    3) For our completed cases, there are different hot charging routes: 2 hot charging lines transfer billets from 1 caster to 2 rolling mills, or 4 casters shares 1 hot charging line to transfer billets to heating furnace, etc., the “十” structure rotating roller table is used to change transportation direction.
    4) Besides roller table, the billet hoisting & descending machine is also used for different transportation elevation.
    5) The billet can be transported by 1 piece or 2-4 pieces together.
    6) The roller table is equipped with weighing device, the unqualified billet can be taken out during transportation.
    7) The transportation distance can be either short or long, the camera system monitors the whole transportation process to achieve automatic operation.

2. Main technical parameters:
    1) Roller table driving: single roll driving or Chain driving.
    2) Transpiration speed: 50-90m/min.
    3) Speed regulating mode: PLC control, AC frequency speed regulating.
    4) Charging temperature: 400-800°C.

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